1. What services do you provide:

Robert’s Assembly and Installation provides on-site assembly and installation services

for all types and brands of Home and Office Furniture, Cubicles+, Fixtures, Furnishings, Fitness Equipment, Swing Sets, Sporting Goods,* Cabinets, and Closet Systems.^

We also provide complete Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations Services.

Dis-assembly, product relocation, and reassembly services available.^^

2. What sets you apart from other assembly-installation companies?

Experience, CA. State Contractor Licensing, and Longevity…

We’re the “Original,” Assembly Services Company-in business longer** than any other assembly-installation company in Southern California.

Here are some excellent reasons why clients choose us to provide services:

  • Rated A+ Better Business Bureau Southland for over 19+ years.
  • AWARDED TOP SERVICE PRO 2017, 2016 and 2015-Thumbtack.com
  • 100% Top Merchant Rated Merchant Circle 2011-2017
  • 5-STAR rated-Yelp.com
  • 5-STAR rated-Trust Link, Inc.
  • 5-STAR rated; 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012-Regional Award Winner NFACA
  • 5-STAR rated MerchantCircle.com “Top Merchant”
  • 5-STAR rated Best of the Web.com.
  • 5-STAR rated and Elite Member Thumbtack.com
  • 5-STAR rated Yahoo. Local.
  • 5-STAR rated Yellow Bot.com
  • Awarded~2009, through 2017 Best of Temecula, Furniture & Fixture Installation
  • Awarded 2010-2017 “Circle of Excellence,” MerchantCircle.com.
  • Unlike other assembly companies, we’re CA. State-Licensed-Contractors which means we’ve been fingerprinted, background checked, cleared, and fully compliant with all relative licensing, bonds, and insurance laws, so you can feel comfortable and secure knowing you’re in good hands…literally!

3. Are you fully insured?

Yes! We carry contractor commercial liability, workman’s compensation, and contractor bond insurances.

4. How do I get a copy of proof of insurance(s) ?

Once you schedule a paid service with, if you require proof of insurance, the information can be found here. If you need an actual document faxed or emailed after scheduling a paid service or contract, we’ll be happy to present you with a copy for your records.

Note: We do not provide insurance information to anyone without a scheduled paid appointment.

5. What do you charge to assemble a product?

Each individual product requiring service is ordinarily priced at a flat rate according to its description AND specific model/item/article number.

The easiest way to receive your quote for: ready to assemble products-furniture,

fitness equipment, and/or fixture installation requests is to call (866) 303-6494

or email: RobertsAssembly@aol.com and provide us with the following information:

  • Model/Sku/Article#:   – usually found on purchase receipt or product carton
  • Place of Purchase:    – where you purchased the item
  • Description:               – what the item is
  • Quantity:                    – how many items require assembly or service
  • Manufacturer:            – who makes it
  • Service City:              – city where you want us to perform service. (travel may apply)

For larger jobs like: IKEA Kitchen Cabinetry Installations-including design-planning, measurements and/or complete renovation services, modular, cubicle,systems furniture*, closet organization services, we do not offer quotes by phone, but in writing after we have had the opportunity to visit the site in person to inspect and measure.

Quotes usually good for up to 30 days subject to change due to insurance, licensing rate increases.


6. How can I schedule an assembly appointment?

Call us toll free at (866) 303-6494 or email RobertsAssembly@aol.com when you’re ready to have your item assembled or ahead of time if you know the arrival date of your product. Clients are scheduled according to availability, on a first come-first serve basis, usually within 72 hours of us receiving notification that the product has arrived on-site, and ready to be constructed.

Scheduling is done in “window time,” time frames; in increments of 2-4 hour periods.

EXAMPLE: Installer arrival time 2-4PM.

However, please note that if the client is late, wait around time fees will apply and the client will be billed at $99.00 per installer, per hour or in increments of no less than 15 minutes.

Note: All jobs must be reconfirmed with the client the evening prior to the scheduled service date to ensure the product is in house and before any installers are dispatched to client location.

We require a minimum of 72 business hours cancellation notice on all small jobs. For rescheduling or canceling large contracted jobs please see note at bottom of page regarding NON-return of deposit.

We do not schedule service calls the same day as product delivery.

7. Is there a minimum service call fee?

Yes, we have a minimum service call fee of $99.00 per installer, per hour. Jobs billed beyond whole hours are billed in no less than 15 minute increments per installer. i.e., 65 minutes = 1.25 hrs.

(no discounts on straight labor rates)

However, most assembly/installation jobs are priced at a flat fee.

For jobs charged by the hour, the $99.00 fee is per installer, per hour, for up to 1 hour’s labor or less, (within 30 mile radius of Temecula) 2 hour minimum, per installer, + $35.00 travel for jobs beyond 30 mile radius of Temecula.

8. Are there any travel charges?

Not within 30/100 miles– Jobs beyond 30 miles radius of Temecula, CA. are subject

to a 2-hour minimum, per installer plus travel. Over 100 miles travel fees* apply in addition to 2 hour minimums per each installer. *Travel fees usually range $60.00-$100.00.

9. What are your payment terms?

For local clients-Payment is to be made by cash/check (no red ink), with valid ID on the day of service- immediately after the services are rendered. Payments being made on behalf of others to be paid one week in advance.

For non-local, (out of town/state), payments are to be made in advance before services are rendered.

We do NOT offer “billing,” or any type of “extended,” payment terms. Please scroll down to bottom of page for payments not made on time++.

We accept credit card payments of up $2000 only, by Visa, and MasterCard. Payments beyond $2000.00 to be paid by Business check, cashier’s check, or local personal check with valid identification. Debit and Credit card payments (minimum transaction $99.00) are processed 48 business hours in advance of the service day and is subject to additional fees of 3%.(We no longer accept American Express). Regarding credit card with multiple transactions paid via credit card, once a card has been declined we will not accept another credit card in its place, but rather a business or personal check with ID. in lieu there of.

Clients Please Note: For jobs requiring a 2nd day or additional revisits to complete the project, a minimum of 50% of the invoice dollar amount will be collected at the end of the first service day.

NOTE: There is a $50.00 fee for all returned or dishonored checks.

10. Can I tip the installer(s)?


Over the years our installers have received many tips from clients like you. That’s just one of the wonderful ways our clients show they’re pleased with our services.

Another way our clients show their appreciation is by writing positive reviews of our services.

A good ole’ fashioned hand shake, pat on the back, and words of kindness are readily accepted too!

We always appreciate the monetary, written, and verbal, generosity of our clients!

11. As a client, what is my role, and how can I help to ensure the service goes smoothly? If applicable…we request several things of the client :

  • If you live/work in a “gated community,” -on the scheduled day of service, please inform the guard ahead of time that Robert’s Assembly personnel will be arriving to perform service at your home/business location.
  • When we arrive, someone over the age of 18 must be there to let us in and remain in house/on-site during services.
  • Make sure the room or office has enough working room for our installers. A good rule of thumb is to have 3-4 times the amount of working room space for every 1 item built.
  • Please have/provide adequate lighting in the room(s) the installers are working in.
  • Please adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature in the room or office the installers are working in.
  • For safety reasons please keep all other persons/pets/children out of the installation-work area until the project has been completed in full and we have left the premises.
  • If you would you like a 30 minute prior to our arrival “courtesy call,” please let the office know when scheduling service.
  • Please have all products pre-placed in whatever room it/they will remain in once built. We do not move cartons or products from room to room, or up/downstairs without additional fees, see paragraph below
  • We do not provide services on same day as delivery occurs.

12. Will the installer(s) move the flat packed product carton after delivery?

Each service call is tailored to the needs of the individual client and situation.

Ordinarily, we ask that prior to our arrival, the flat packed cartons be pre-placed in the room the furniture/product will remain in once built. However, many times due to health reasons or age, our clients are incapable of lifting these cartons into the respective room.

In those instances with advance notification>, for an additional fee,^^^ we will be happy to relocate your flat packed carton(s) elsewhere on the same floor within a short distance within the home or office. For relocation to different level, a $29.00 fee (single trip), per each flight of stairs or elevator will be charged.>For large quantities (10+ cartons) will require at least one week notification.

13. As a client, Can I assist the installers with assembly and/or installation tasks?

Unfortunately NO. Due to strict liability reasons, we cannot allow our clients to physically assist us with any projects. For jobs that require heavy lifting or multiple tasks we use 2 or more installers for the job. Standard labor rates of $99.00 per hour, PER installer apply.

14. Does Robert’s Assembly and Installation provide pickup and delivery services?

YES! We will be happy to pick up and deliver your pre-paid items from any retailer in Southern California. Pick-up and delivery fees start at $89.00 and vary according to

individual client requests, size^^ of load, etc. You may choose pick up/delivery only,

or in conjunction with assembly.  

15. How long does it take to assemble an item?

Assembly times range anywhere from 10 minutes for chairs to several hours for a large executive office with multiple pieces. Note: Products that the retailer or manufacturer suggest be affixed or securely wall mounted take longer and are usually included

(sans kitchen cabinets) in the service. Clients wishing the item to remain free-standing contrary to manufacturer’s suggestion, will be required to sign a release of liability before the product is assembled.

16. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! We provide a written 120-day warranty on all of our assembly and installation

services (new/unopened product only). Client signature on invoice and payment in full is necessary to activate our service warranty. Services performed on existing client

furniture or product beyond 120 day warranty will incur; $99.00 per installer, per hour rates.

Up to 30-days warranty provided for used, existing, or opened product.

365 day warranty given on IKEA Kitchen contracted installs-new product only.

17. What if an item is discovered to be broken, missing, or defective at the time of service or determined as “not as described” ?

Immediately upon arrival of your product, please inspect the item carton or packaging for any obvious signs of damage. In addition, please compare the received order against the original receipt to ensure that the furniture or product is exactly what you ordered, i.e., quantity, type, model, color, etc. Robert’s Assembly personnel are not responsible for any discrepancies or damages beyond our control, e.g., incorrect-measurements by the client, concealed damages, damages due to factory defects, shipping mishandling, retail store mishandling, delivery mishandling, missing parts, wrong item, wrong color, etc. If a problem is discovered during an assembly at a client’s home or place of business, our installer will notify the client immediately. The client upon notification may elect to have the furniture built with (slight defects only) or may choose to have the item(s) replaced by contacting the original place of purchase or the manufacturer. (We can assist with this step).

If, at the time of assembly/installation, the client chooses to replace or exchange the item(s) and instructs our service personnel to discontinue the service, the client will only be charged the minimum $99.00. If the service has been pre-paid by credit card, a portion of the fee may be withheld (not refundable) and considered as time lost, travel, etc.

Regarding broken or missing parts relative to Play Set Constructions-

We will collect a pro-rated amount for the percentage portion of play-set assembly that has been performed, even if the play set cannot be used. We will return usually at a no-charge basis (1) one time to exchange/complete the set. It is up to the client to inspect the new pieces/parts to ensure our re-visit is not in vain. A 3rd revisit (through no fault of our own) will be charged at our regular rates $99.00 per installer, per hour. 

18. Can I reserve a date for service?

Yes, a 10% deposit paid up front will be required to reserve a particular service day.

Deposits may be refundable if cancellation notice is received at least 72 business hours prior to service date.

For official contract jobs with implemented contract dates, deposits are not refundable whatsoever.

Any requests to change invoice items/quantities etc., must be received during regular business hours and 24 business hours in advance of service date. Late cancellations or changes will incur an additional minimum processing fee of $20.00.

19. Will the installer(s) remove the empty packaging after assembly?

We are happy to break down the cartons for your disposal, or carry them to the recycling area on your premises. However, off premises-haul away can be included for an additional charge of $5-$20 per carton. Please inform us in advance if you wish to have this service included with your assembly order.

20. Do you purchase supplies-products, or perform shopping on behalf of your clients?

At this time, NO, we do not offer any type of supply or product purchasing/shopping services for anyone.

21. Do you sell furniture or receive shipments on behalf of clients?

NO – we do not sell furniture or carry product inventory of any kind. We sell assembly and installation SERVICES only.

We do NOT receive shipments on behalf of clients. On rare occasions with several weeks of advance notice we MAY be able to accommodate product receiving.(limited quantity (2-3) of small items only). In this case-all services would be pre-paid in advance.

Call the office toll free at 1-866-303-6494 for details or questions regarding above.ATTENTION CLIENTS WHO OWN DOGS!!

At times even friendly dogs can become aggressive when protecting their owners and property. That’s why it’s important to securely confine your dog in an area that safely separates your pet from Robert’s Assembly & Installation’s personnel on scheduled installation days during service calls to your home. Doing so helps us provide you with exceptional customer service and avoids dog bite injuries.

Always securely confine your dog away from the area inside the home or yard where the service other work area before we arrive.

Securely crate your dog if possible. A tied, leashed, or chained dog does not provide our personnel with a safe work environment and may result in your service call being rescheduled

And lastly before our arrival please ensure that all dog waste has been picked up out of your yard before we install any outdoor equipment. An additional fee of up to $100.00 will added to the invoice if we have to remove waste beforehand.

^Thank you in advance for your cooperation.^

For any questions not addressed here, please feel free to call us toll free at

(866) 303-6494 or email us at: RobertsAssembly@aol.com.

Serving San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Imperial counties.

Robert’s Assembly & Installation does not offer any wiring, data, IT or electrical services. However we do refer these jobs out to licensed “sub-contractors.”

* At this time we do not offer services for used and/or discontinued fitness products, swing sets, or items requiring any type of cement work. We do not provide basketball installations on stucco/brick walls, tile roofs.,etc.

+ Reassembly services performed if WE originally dis-assemble same product ourselves. Re-assembly

services not provided on items disassembled by others. Re-assembled product must be done using

ORIGINAL matching mfrs parts ONLY.-NO FRANKENSTEINING! If client requests the merger of one

or multiple non-original parts into one despite the fact that they don’t form a cohesive, consistent

whole unit- Absolutely NO warranty will be provided on such labor.

For jobs requiring multiple days worked consecutively-payment will be collected on final day.

For days requiring multiple days worked with in between time, up to 50% of the invoice total will be collected at the end of the first working day.

^ Assembly and installation for client-self purchased closet organization products only. We no longer offer “custom,” or dealer products or services.

^^ Small size jobs only (3-5 cartons max)

** That we know of

^^^ Per each carton/product movedNote- Quotes given on a flat rate or bid basis are still subject to “wait around time,” at $99 per installer, per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations received for any small scheduled installations over the quote amount of $198.00 must be received at least 72 hours prior to install day. Otherwise a $198.00 per installer minimum service charge will apply for billing/collection purposes.

Regarding larger contracted jobs, NO cancellations or rescheduling accepted after 72 business hours has passed from initial agreement. Any PRE-PAID DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and will NOT be CREDITED onto future dates.

++ If for any reason payment is not made on the day that services are rendered, we have the right to file a California Mechanics Lien,” and late charges of 10%+ onto the invoice amount owed, up to the maximum allowed by law.

+++ return visits will incur new charges at our normal rates per installer, plus possible travel fees. Office at

its discretion may waive all or partial revisit charges. One free revisit per customer. No extension of warranties.

WARNING: Copying, Plagiarizing, or Stealing content- information (including tag lines) from any of

the pages found on Robert’s Assembly & Installation’s web site is strictly prohibited, and will result in

legal action.

Assembly Services for:Accessories, Baby Furniture, BBQ Grills, Cabinets, Cubicles, Fixtures, Fitness Equipment, Game Tables, Home Furnishings, Home Furniture, IKEA Kitchens, Office Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Pet Furniture/Products, Play Sets, Roll Out Shelves, Swing Sets, Trampolines, Toys, Window Treatments.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.