Safety Tips

Trampoline/Swing Set Safety and Installation Terms

We are happy to pick up and deliver your pre-paid trampoline or play set from a local retailer for a small additional fee with any assembly/installation purchase.


We want you and your children to fully enjoy your new recreational products!

But Safety First!

At times, even friendly dogs can become aggressive when protecting their owners and property. That’s why it’s important to securely confine your dog in an area that safely separates your pet from Robert’s Assembly & Installation’s personnel on scheduled installation days during service calls to your home. Doing so helps us provide you with exceptional customer service and avoids dog bite injuries.

Always securely confine your dog away from the area inside the home or yard where the service other work area before we arrive.

Securely crate your dog if possible. A tied, leashed, or chained dog does not provide our personnel with a safe work environment and may result in your service call being rescheduled

And lastly before our arrival please ensure that all dog waste has been picked up out of your yard before we install any outdoor equipment. An additional fee of up to $100.00 will added to the invoice if we have to remove waste beforehand.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Before calling to schedule assembly for Swing Sets, Trampolines, and/or other outdoor recreational products, please read the following:

Trampoline Safety….

  1. Measure your back yard to ensure there is adequate clearance 24 ft. above* and 6 feet around* the trampoline from the nearest object. Be aware of overhead wires, tree limbs, etc. It is the client’s responsibility to measure. A full release of liability will be required if there is less than the required 6 feet in circumference beyond the dimensions of the trampoline itself.
  2. Learn the safety rules that pertain to Trampoline Safety.
  3. Read and obey the safety and accident prevention warnings contained in the owner’s manual or found on the retailer’s web site.
  4. Learn all the basic fundamental bounces before attempting more difficult ones. Low controlled bounces are a good start before learning the basic landing positions and combinations. Jumpers need to understand that control is key to a successful jump. Refer to the users manual for fundamental bounces, or contact a certified trampoline instructor for more information.
  5. Inspect your trampoline before each and every use.
  6. Supervise children over 6/under 18 years of age at all times. Most trampolines are not recommended for children under 6 years old.
  7. Stake the trampoline down if you live in a windy area.
  8. DO NOT attempt somersaults.
  9. DO NOT allow more than 1 person on the trampoline at any time.
  10. DO NOT use your trampoline during bad weather.
  11. DO NOT exceed the recommended weight limit for the trampoline

NOTE: We highly recommend staging trampolines over soft surfaces. Clients who request having the trampoline staged over cement, or other hard surfaces will be required to sign a full release of liability.

Swing Set Safety….


  1. Pre-measure to ensure that your backyard, or recreational space, is large enough to safely accommodate the particular Swing Set model you’ve chosen to purchase,. The area should be large enough to include the footprint of the play set once erected plus an additional 6 feet safety zone in circumference around the set. Example, if your set measures 10’x10′, you’ll need 22′ x 22′ in area to install the play set safely.
  2. As with Trampolines, it is the client’s responsibility to properly measure* the product staging area space and compare it against size of the particular Swing Set model to prevent discrepancies or compromise safety in any way.
  3. Make sure your backyard is pre-leveled enough to erect a Swing Set safely.
  4. Use shock absorbing material, to place all around the set after construction.
  5. Please have the site prepared prior to installation day.
  6. Make sure your Swing Set will not be closer than 6 feet in circumference away from any obstruction, or obstacles.
  7. Make sure that an adult is present to supervise all children under the ages of 18 at all times.
  8. DO NOT allow children to stand or kneel in the swings
  9. DO NOT allow children swing empty swings, or twist swing chains.
  10. DO NOT allow more that one person in one swing at any given time
  11. DO NOT allow children to push anyone else in a swing or allow themselves to be pushed.

Installation Terms and Conditions:

For Safety and Insurance reasons: ALL persons including the homeowner

must remain out of the work area until installation has been completed.

Persons continually entering our work area without our approval will result

in delay/stoppage and additional charges.  

  1. Select an area in your yard large enough to accommodate “safe play area,” dimensions for the play set NOT just the footprint!
  2. Select an area in your yard that is level and free of obstructions i.e., trees, rocks, rocks, stumps, etc.
  3. Site preparation must be complete prior to the installation date.
  4. Select an area in your yard that is able to drain properly and does not collect water. If we are asked to install in areas of poor drainage will void product/labor warranty.
  • Installation includes ground leveling up to 1-2 inches ONLY where the base of the set meets the ground. Ground must be pliable.
  • Any additional ground leveling or site preparation needed to install the swing set will result in additional fees payable at the time of installation.
  • Pictures of your yard may be necessary view before install day. Pictures should be sent to
  • Homeowner is responsible for obtaining any H.O.A.* or City Planning Permits/approval that may be required.
  • Please be aware that all installation dates are tentative and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, such as extreme weather conditions.
  • The homeowner or an adult 18+ years of age must be home during the installation. This person must have authority to authorize correct placement of the swing set and to make decisions or answer questions that may arise. Moving the swing set after installation will result in additional charges.
  • Homeowner will KEEP ALL PERSONS/ANIMALS away from the work area until the Contractor releases the site.
  • Homeowners to keep all dogs inside or away from the work area until the installers leave property.
  • Homeowner is responsible for any sprinkler system components that will interfere with the installation of the swing set. Contractor/install team will not be responsible for damages to sprinkler system components located within the designated work area.
  • We will make every effort to stake the play set down according to manufacturer’s directions on pliable ground. Yards/lots that are comprised of rock hard dirt, granite, are sometimes impossible to stake down and in that case the owner is responsible to have the area pre-softened before our arrival, or cement unit down after installation has been completed. Robert’s Assembly & Installation does not offer any type of cement services.

*Home Owner’s Association

For more information about outdoor recreation safety please click here

*PLEASE NOTE: Measuring to ensure adequate space to accommodate the size of the Swing Set or Trampoline is the full responsibility of the client-owner! If space requirements are not met, a formal waiver and release of liability must be signed by the homeowner in order to construct the play set or trampoline.

** For Best Results: We recommend using a shock absorbing material underneath and around play equipment whenever possible, or a soft surface like rubber mulch, grass, sand, wood chips, etc. Placing shock absorbing material around the play equipment will help reduce the severity of injury if a child should accidentally fall from the unit. Remember… the better shock absorbing a surface can be made, the more the likelihood that the severity of the injury will be reduced. However, please know that all injuries due to falls cannot be prevented no matter what playground surfacing material is used.

In addition many manufacturers recommend applying a sealant over wooden play sets.

We do not offer this service. 


Please check with your local city planning department to determine if you need a permit to erect a swing/play set or gazebo on your property.

Many cities are strict with “height limitations,” as it applies to swing sets.

Robert’s Assembly & Installation is not responsible for obtaining permits on the customer’s behalf.

Robert’s Assembly & Installation does not install Play-sets or Trampolines on Commercial Property.